‘Under Construction’

Under Construction, a project by Kirsten Leenaars

Address: 1132 West Thorndale, Chicago

In humorous and performative ways, Leenaars will deal with questions such as “what is happiness” and “what is a perfect society?”. These very broad questions will be dealt with not only from its ideological viewpoint, but also by asking how, within such general themes and world views, ideas can be transformed from a collective into a more personal story. Or from an ideology can be transformed into actual policy? Through interviews with people from the neighborhood, city workers and local policy makers the artist will create a set of scenarios in which these people will perform themselves. The project will be presented as a series of video based performances and presentations developed in a quick and spontaneous fashion, making use of Brechtian theatre strategies, thereby echoing the subject of “Under Construction” or “Work in Progress” and the idea of collectively building a “perfect” society.

During opening hours people can walk in, see the making of and development of the project and will be able to participate in the project as actor/advisor/politician/peace keeper/cynic/critic/citizen/law enforcer/ lover/storyteller/stoic/specialist/interviewee/impersonator/intermediary/builder/bureaucrat/organizer/office clerk/oracle, etc.