Home Knowledge Spectacular

Home Knowledge Spectacular
February 4- March 21, 2012
Opening Reception February 4, 2012 7-9pm
North Branch Projects, 3550 W. Lawrence, Chicago, IL
A three part project curated by Alberto Aguilar and Jorge Lucero that consists of an exhibition, a series of workshops, and a publication with contributions from all the participating artists.
The publication will simultaneously function as an exhibition catalogue and an artists’ book on and around the project’s subject of “home knowledge”. Home knowledge is defined as learning and understanding that is acquired through an act of personal will. These types of “knowledge(s) can frequently be passed down intergenerationally, attained through self-motivated research means, and developed through amateurish and deskilled practices/ habits.
Home Knowledge Spectacular brings together artists’ contributions made at a point where the artist’s practice converges with their domestic-manner-of-being. These works take the form of home collections, personal belongings, arrangements, and/or shared-home-knowledge.
Participating Artists:
Alberto Aguilar
Madeleine Aguilar
Jim Duignan
Kirsten Leenaars
Norman Long
Jorge Lucero
Jimmy Luu
Eric May
Teresa Pankratz
Bryan Saner
Vanessa Smith
Hoyun Son
Edra Soto
Hui-min Tsen
Rafael E. Vera
Sean Ward
Please see our website for a listing of all workshops including times and dates: