The Hairy Blob at HPAC

In our world time is becoming unruly. We do not know how this is happening, but it is happening. The fabric of time is beginning to tear…
During a multi-week, June-July residency period at HPAC, as part of the Hairy Blob exhibition, Leenaars will create a science fiction video about daily life at the Hyde Park Art Center in which the center is transformed into a flagship on a time mission. A wall drawing at the space will allude to the unfolding plot lines and will constantly change and be updated throughout the residency period. The production of the video can be followed on the Hairy Blob website and the final video will be screened at HPAC from July 16th- July 29, 2012.
Project: Rising and Falling Actions. (Everything is imprinted forever with what it once is)
Video and wall drawing
Completion: April 22- July 15, 2012
Screening final video: July 16- July 29, 2012
Installment 1 (april 21, 2012) of wall drawing at HPAC: Exposition
Opening Hairy Blob, April 22, 2012
Opening Reception: Sunday April 22 3-5 pm
At Hyde Park Art Center, 5020 S. Cornell, Chicago