Koffer Kunst / Suitcase Art: Chicago + Detroit

10 artists’ works each from the Midwest cities of Chicago and Detroit are brought together via suitcases to meet with the work of 2 Hamburg artists. Featuring painting, graphic, collage, video, book print, photography, installation and sculpture is presented in this group show, the exhibition highlights and compares and contrasts these distinct urban areas as manifested through art. Presented at Kunsthaus Speckstrasse – Hamburg’s famous artists’ community space – the exhibition is co-curated by Tricia Van Eck, from Chicago’s 6018NORTH and Kerstin Niemann from FILTER, Detroit.

Chicago Artists:
Noelle Allen (Drawings), Carol Jackson (Leather collage), Jason Lazarus (Photographic newsprint), Kirsten Leenaars (Drawing), Harold Mendez (Sculpture), Lucky Pierre (Book), Cheryl Pope (Banners), Deb Sokolow (Drawing), Deborah Stratman (Video), Jan Tichy (Video, book, and lightbox)

Detroit Artists:
Brian Baker (Book, print), Christina Galasso (Collage), Scott Hocking (Photography and sculpture), Steve Hughes (Zine magazines), Chido Johnson (Video), Melanie Manos (Video), George Rahme (Collage), Gilda Snowden (Painting), Corine Vermeulen (Photography), Graem Whyte (Sculpture)

Special guests: Cordula Ditz (Hamburg); Karin Jobst (Hamburg)

Opening: 16th of November, 7pm
Duration of exhibition: 16th of November until 2nd of December

Opening Times: 16th November, 7pm
17th. + 18th and 24th + 25th November, 2 – 5 pm*
1st December, 2-5 pm*
2nd December, Finissage, 2pm*
And after appointment: phone: + 49 (0)179 / 6341815
* Curators tour through exhibition, starts at 3pm

Extra events:
Book presentation and lecture talk by Hamburg photographer, Karin Jobst.
Date: Sunday, 25th of November, 4pm
Location: Kunsthaus Speckstrasse, Gängeviertel, Speckstrasse 85, Hamburg
Her publication, “Karin Jobst – Detroit for John, Mary Lou and Mr. Duke,” was recently published by Kerber Verlag.

Lecture discussion by Tricia Van Eck and Kerstin Niemann:
“Art and Art Production in Chicago and Detroit”
Date: 21st of November, 7pm
Location: Amerikazentrum Hamburg
Am Sandtorkai 48, 20457 Hamburg
Afterwards the curators will give an exhibition tour at Kunsthaus Speckstrasse.