Homeland of Gestures at Glass Curtain Gallery

Homeland of Gestures explores how gestures get passed on a translated, from generation to generation, from body to body, medium to medium, and how the meaning of these gestures depends on the context or the way they are performed. The work is currently part of the show Embracing the FARB: Modes of Reenactment.

Folding Within You Without You is an intimate, poetic study of the last ten years of Leenaars’ grandmother’s life and relationship between her and her mother. At the same time this work questions how do we capture the gestures that sustain time, that are passed on that express both knowledge and love? What do the remaining gestures mean? The creation and embodiment of gestures and projections we confer upon them are an inherent part of the subject matter of this piece.

This video, Homeland of Gestures – Annotations, is a response to Folding Within You Without You. Both are part of a series of work titled: Homeland of Gestures. Homeland of Gestures – Annotations are translations of gestures some derived from Folding Within You Without You that have touched, moved the artist and is comprised out of other gestures she has hardly been aware of but have imprinted her with a sense of belonging.