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Homeland of Gestures – Performance

homeland of gestures-invite

Homeland of Gestures – Annotations/Reenactments

Kirsten Leenaars – Nora Sharp
Thursday February 7th, 7.15 pm
Glass Curtain Gallery at 1104 S. Wabash Ave.
Embracing The Farb: Modes of Reenactment


Performance, excerpts, 11.19 min, original length performance: 21 min.

The very first video of the Homeland of Gestures series Folding Within You Without You, is an intimate, poetic study of the last ten years of Leenaars’ grandmother’s life and relationship between her and her mother. The work questions how do we capture time and the gestures that sustain time, that are passed on that express both knowledge and love? The creation and embodiment of gestures and projections we confer upon them are an inherent part of the subject matter of this piece and the parts that followed that ultimately led to the piece: Homeland of Gestures, part 4: Reenactments (performance). During the span of the exhibition ‘FARB: Modes of Reenactment’, curated by Julie Rudder, which showed Homeland of Gestures part 1 and 2 Kirsten Leenaars developed a performance that was a follow up piece to Homeland of Gestures part 2: Annotations, in collaboration with dancer Nora Sharp. Working directly from gestures captured in the first video Folding Within You Without You, The Annotations as well as additional gestures from her own memory, Nora offers another way of expressing this story. She developed a choreography based on these gestures and performed in a set designed by Kirsten Leenaars. During the live performance Leenaars read the annotations out loud to the audience, followed by the screening of this video. The video was projected twice, first with and secondly without audio. Cookies, baked according to Leenaars’ grandmother’s recipe were served to the audience.