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RISK: Empathy, Art, and Social Practice

6018North_020Image of installation/screening event Not In Another Place, But This Place… (Happiness) as part of Risky Encounters at 6018 North

One part exhibit and one part event series, RISK is a terrifically exciting exploration of socially engagement and the arts. Not only that, it features many artists close to our hearts, including Alberto Aguilar, Jim Duignan,Faheem Majeed, and Cheryl Pope, among many others. So perhaps it’s no surprise that we put RISK on our weekly picks back in February when it opened. However, what we weren’t anticipating was this fascinating interview with curators Neysa Page-Lieberman and Amy Mooney. One of Mooney’s former students, Connor Moynihan, conducted it, but was unable to publish it on CAA as originally planned. Fortunately for us, Page-Lieberman reached out to us about running the interview on Sixty instead, and we happily agreed. So please enjoy this peek inside two electrically creative minds, and make sure to visit Columbia College’s Glass Curtain Gallery by April 26 to see RISK before it goes down. – Reuben Westmaas, ed.

READ the interview here: