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Tele-novela HIGHLIGHTS Watching Party


Join us for a Tele-novela HIGHLIGHTS Watching Party and see some of the great work featured in our current ACRE TV program Tele-novela.

Tele-novela HIGHLIGHTS Watching Party
October 25, 2-4 pm
UIC Space at Mana Contemporary (5th floor)
2233 S Throop St

Tele-novela is a genre of limited-run drama series popular on Latin American, Portuguese, and Spanish television networks. The term combines tele, short for televisión or televisão (Spanish and Portuguese words for television), and novela, a Spanish and Portuguese word for “novel”. Symbolic, social, or technological, Tele-novela mimics the serial and structural nature of the pop cultural programs, but moves from linear story to abstracted narrative, and experimental play by electronic means. Arranged in three-part acts and ranging in media–video, sound, animated GIFs–and durational formats, the sequential productions on ACRE TV present a departure from their operatic tradition in favor of abstracted realities and dispersed fictions that simultaneously explore and avoid the notion of formal narrative on screen.

Tele-novela includes work by Laure Provoust, Marisa Olson, Sara Ludy, Michael Robinson,Alfredo Salazar-Caro, Brenna Murphy, Megan Rooney, Jon Cates, Martine Syms, Jodie Mack,Kevin B. Lee, Kirsten Leenaars, LJ Frezza, Nick Corirossi, Maya Mackrandilal, Rosa Menkman,Sara Condo, Paul Hertz, Martin Murphy, Kim Laughton, Jillian Mayer, Andrew Rosinski, Anna Ialeggio, Claire Jervert, Lucy Pawlak, Rob Steinberg, Samuel Fouracre, Jaime Davidovich, Tina Willgren, Kyle Schlie, Heejin Jang, Christine Lucy Latimer, Dana Dal Bo, Huong Ngo & George Monteleone, Mitch Oliver, Hannah Piper Burns, Derek G. Larson, Theo Shure, Ryan O’Hare,Rodrigo Valenzuela, Caitlin Denny & Nicole Ginelli, Jeroen Nelemans, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Bryan Zanisnik, Karthik Pandian, Ann Oren.

Curated by Robyn Farrell
Poster Design: Kyle Schlie