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Pioneers on the Prairie: Celebrating Women in New Media Arts

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Please join SAIC faculty, alumni, and other artists for an exciting one-day symposium that examines the achievements of women in the field of new media art and emerging technologies from the 1980s onward.

Pioneers on the Prairie
Friday, March 18, 9:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
MacLean Ballroom, 112 S. Michigan Ave.

The event celebrates the upcoming release of the new book from the University of Illinois Press, Women in NewMedia Arts: Perspectives on Innovative Collaboration, edited by Donna Cox, Janine Fron, and Ellen Sandor.

Symposium participants include:

Tiffany Holmes, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and book contributor; Lisa Wainwright, Dean of Faculty; Ellen Sandor, (MFA 1975, HON 2014), book editor and contributor; Donna Cox, book editor and contributor; Janine Fron, book editor and contributor; Elissa Tenny, SAIC Provost; Barbara Sykes, (MFA 1981), book contributor; Dana Plepys, (BFA 1981), book contributor; Abina Manning, book contributor, Director of the Video Data Bank; Joan Truckenbrod , (MFA 1975), book contributor and former SAIC faculty; Carolina Cruz-Neira, book contributor;Margaret Dolinsky, book contributor; Lucy Petrovich, book contributor; Jon Cates, SAIC faculty; Brenda Laurel, book contributor; Jane Veeder, (MFA 1977), book contributor; Copper Giloth, book contributor and former SAIC faculty; Stephanie Rothenberg (MFA 2003); David Getsy, SAIC faculty; Snow Fu (MFA 2014), SAIC faculty;Claudia Hart, book contributor and SAIC faculty; Lee Blalock , (MFA 2011), SAIC faculty; Marlena Novak, SAIC faculty; Sabrina Raaf, (MFA 1999); Maxine Brown, book contributor; Christina Gomez, SAIC faculty; Faith Wilding, former SAIC faculty; Terri Kapsalis, SAIC faculty; Jessica Westbrook, SAIC faculty; Kirsten Leenaars, SAIC faculty; and Marie Hicks, Illinois Institute of Technology faculty.

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