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Lecture: (Re)Housing the American Dream at Urban Matters: Material Engagements with Communities and Borders in Times of Movement conference at the University of Utrecht, June 21, 2018

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(Re)Housing the American Dream: Freedom Principles, 2018, video still

As we are moving into an Urban Age in which the majority of the world population lives in cities, questions of co-existence increasingly have to be thought in relation to high density, proximity and heterogeneity. This urban condition brings to the forefront the question how super-diversity is maintained and reproduced in relation to the built environment and technologies of mediation. Interventions in the field of urban studies suggest to approach this question by means of an ‘infrastructural’ perspective that understands the reproduction of social life in terms of socio-material assemblages that shape the fabric of urban life.

Lecture: (Re)Housing the American Dream: Community in cities, migration, and the materiality of media at 3:30 pm, Utrecht University, Drift 13, 3512 BR Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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