This publication appears in the context of the UICs MFA 2007 thesis exhibition and explores the notion of belief in our society. Working with notions such as dreams, fantasies, hope, myth, faith and legend, the suggestion is put forward by the contributors that believing is a pervasive force at the heart of our lived reality.


Louis Tackas, Derek Chan, Paolo Colombo, Hugo Hernandez, Kathleen Belew, Shannon Benine, Anthony Elms, Harold Mendez, Suzanne van Rossenberg, Kenyatta Forbes, Michelle Yacht, Kirsten Leenaars, Jennifer Montgomery, Marie Martino, Paula Wilson, Selina Trepp, Rebecca Moran, Dennis Hodges, Andrew Yale, Irena Knezevic, Maurice Bogaert, Trevor Gainer, Sophia Tabatadze, Justin Witte, Kim Bouvy, Isak Berbic, Arnold van Bruggen, Basma Al-Sharif, Stuart Keeler, Brandon Alvendia

Editor: Kirsten Leenaars

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