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Video Interviews: The Shape of Things (Come Tomorrow), 2017

The Shape of Things (Come Tomorrow) Video, 2017 Duration 15:58 min Video interviews, part of (Re)Housing the American Dream:A Message from the Future The participants talk about their future selves, a future America and the future of the world – while reflecting back on our times today. What does it mean to be a human being? What does it mean to be of my culture? What does it mean to live in the place I do? What does it mean to have a voice? What does it mean to be an American? Director: Kirsten Leenaars Camera: Paul Deuth Sound: Brent Walquist Editing: Ellie Hall

We The People – video interviews, 2016

We The People, 2016 16:59 min Part of the (Re)Housing the American Dream project. Interviews with all the participating middle school students about home, belonging, segregation, the American Dream, Donald Trump and immigration. Camera: Nick Drew Editor: Ellie Hall Images of the installation and show (Re)Housing the American Dream at the Haggerty Museum of Art: Exhibition info:

Astro Space Party

– Predictions for WO 3.20.12 with Kirsten Leenaars WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21, 2012 AT 12:57PM – It’s an exciting week here at Astro Space Party, as we are proud to present a collaborative video by Kirsten Leenaars – hooray! Kirsten is a true impresario, transforming and synthesizing collected narratives into smart, pervasive works that transcend distinctions between media disciplines with such voracious abandon, we’re left wondering what has ever kept us contained. Kirsten recently turned the MCA into a thirteen episode interactive soap opera (yes – really) for a project called On Our Way to Tomorrow, curated by Tricia Van Eck.Kirsten made this week’s video with her TA Kendall Babl and their Core, Spring 2012, SAIC students:Aileen Ng, Ali Gutowski, Alejandra Ramirez, Camille Laut, Jae Oh, James Lee, Jemma Hyung, Kennedy Jones, Pil Jae Choi, Siyu Xu, and Zaine Smart. – – Many thanks to all the artists involved! I hear the making was a real astro space party ♥.;)