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Updated project website: (Re)Housing the American Dream

(Re)Housing the American Dream is an ongoing community based, performative documentary project which started in 2015. It provides a collective forum for refugee and American born children to engage critically with their intersecting issues of immigration, segregation, housing, and happiness. It is structured as a three-week summer camp in Milwaukee’s Near West Side during which the young adults produce a collective video work that is exhibited at the Haggerty Museum of Art in Milwaukee. Lead Artist: Kirsten Leenaars. Curator: Emilia Layden Check out the updated project website with all the latest work from summer 2018!    

Wexner Center for the Arts: Film/Video Studio Program Residency

Wexner Center for the Arts: Film/Video Studio Program Residency October 20 – October 31, 2014 The Invasion of The Hairy Blobs (The conspiracy of Improbabilities), 2014, video still The Wexner Center’s Film/Video Studio program (known through 2010 as the Art & Tech, or Art & Technology, residency program) invites approximately 20 filmmakers and video artists from around the world to work at the Wexner Center each year. These artists use the facilities and equipment of our video studio and editing suite, and benefit from the expertise of our staff and other kinds of support and assistance, to begin, continue, or finish varied projects utilizing film and video. The resulting projects range widely in content, style, and form and are screened and exhibited at festivals and museums worldwide. They are also shown at the Wexner Center, both in theater screenings and in the Box, our video exhibition space.

Preview of The Invasion of the Hairy Blobs

The Invasion of the Hairy Blobs (The Conspiracy of Improbabilities) Work in progress Through June and July, Kirsten Leenaars worked in every corner of the Hyde Park Art Center to develop a participatory science fiction movie, The Invasion of the Hairy Blobs. The project imagines the Art Center as a tightly-run ship on a mission with an exciting voyage ahead, halted by a group of mysterious furry visitors who seem to take over, making time seem to disappear…

Rising and Falling actions:

Final Mural, July  28, 2012 – Rising and Falling actions: (Everything is imprinted forever with what it once is), finalized mural (40×60 feet), paint and more paint. Developed and added on to during a residency at HPAC.  Serving as: story board, backdrop, game plan, blue print, key words, mind map, for the science fiction video: “The Invasion of the Hairy Blobs”, shot during that same time period, part of the exhibition: The Hairy Blob – curated by Adelheid Mers.