Drawings for a Video

Drawings for a video: Not In Another Place, But This Place…(Happiness)

Who is responsible for happiness? What is the relationship between happiness and public policy? Acting as a neighborhood artist-in-residence in Edgewater, Chicago – as part of the Happiness Project curated by Tricia Van Eck – Leenaars conducted interviews in the neighborhood addressing notions of happiness, community and belonging. Spanning a range of residents, from the Alderman, to community activists, high school students to police commander and local architect. These interviews formed the basis for this 3 channel video piece with students acting as community members and community members acting as themselves, embodying ‘happiness’ through performative actions and within a set especially designed for each scene. The video was shot at the local Senn high school auditorium

For complete publication of drawings with essay by Lori Waxman: “Spinning Hula Hoops with My Dad, and Other Ways to Make Happiness” look here: Not In Another Place, But This Place…(Happiness) Publication



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