how are you feeling America?

how are you feeling America?, work on paper, digital c-print 24″x 18″

A proposal by Kirsten Leenaars

Create, stages, squares, play stations. Spaces that can be used to come together, or enjoy alone, to reflect on the question: how are you feeling America? How are you feeling as a resident, community member, human being at this time in this moment, on this day. Can we collectively engage is this question and become more in tune with our own and communal needs, desires, fears and hopes? Can these public spaces become places to engage with one and another, to check in, to converse? What would happen if we would ask ourselves and each other ‘how are you feeling’ and answer honestly? What would happen when we would actually care about each other’s answers and respond accordingly? How might this shift in awareness of each other’s needs change the way we relate, build community and engage with the environment around us?