Video: Not In Another Place, But This Place… (Happiness)

Not In Another Place, But This Place… (Happiness), 2014. Length: 16. 33 min.

For images of the installation:

Who is responsible for happiness? What is the relationship between happiness and public policy? Acting as a neighborhood artist-in-residence in Edgewater, Chicago – as part of the Happiness Project curated by Tricia Van Eck – Leenaars conducted interviews in the neighborhood addressing notions of happiness, community and belonging. Spanning a range of residents, from the Alderman, to community activists, high school students to police commander and local architect. These interviews formed the basis for this 3 channel video piece with students acting as community members and community members acting as themselves, embodying ‘happiness’ through performative actions and within a set especially designed for each scene. The video was shot at the local Senn high school auditorium.

Concept: Kirsten Leenaars

Camera: Paul Deuth, Will Goss

Editing: Kirsten Leenaars

Sound and sound montage: Mathew Jinks

Music: Dan Bitney


Robert Kane, Mike Specht, Paula Basta, Thom Green, Tom Tresser, Lori Waxman, Renee Waxman, Ron Waxman, Ann O’ Connor, Allen Stryzack, Bill Van Eck, Liz Joynt Sandberg, Julie De Grandpre, Ginger Williams, Camille Laut, Emma Sims, Jacob Reedy, TJ Nieset, Sam Goldstein, Keith Buchholz, Keith Buchholz jr, Layla Muchnik, Jiyun Park, Nick, Kniola, Damian Sandoval, Kimberlee Ombalino, Michael Alvarez, Samuel Choi, Zoe Steinhardt, Vanessa Manuel, Fermin Espino, Jaylon Allen.

Essay on the project by Lori Waxman: