Romancing the Post Office, Or Why You Love Your Mail Carrier So (part 2)

The project Romancing the Post Office, Or Why You Love Your Mail Carrier So  (in progress) reflects on the United States Postal Service, its mission, the mailman as a disappearing public figure, and closed post offices as signifiers of changes in the economy and ways of communicating. But mostly it will be a project about our longing to connect. I am currently researching the socio, political and cultural history of the US Postal Services. For this particular series of drawings (ongoing) I am looking into the sites where post offices have been closed and how this has impacted that community. The following inscription that can be found on the building that formerly was the Washington, D.C., Post Office forms the inspiration for this new project- to me this inscription underlines the desire to be part of a world in which we are connected:

messenger-light-con-americantype postoffice1 postoffice2 postoffice3 postoffice4 postoffice5 postoffice6 postoffice7 postoffice8