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Updated project website: (Re)Housing the American Dream

(Re)Housing the American Dream is an ongoing community based, performative documentary project which started in 2015. It provides a collective forum for refugee and American born children to engage critically with their intersecting issues of immigration, segregation, housing, and happiness. It is structured as a three-week summer camp in Milwaukee’s Near West Side during which the young adults produce a collective video work that is exhibited at the Haggerty Museum of Art in Milwaukee. Lead Artist: Kirsten Leenaars. Curator: Emilia Layden Check out the updated project website with all the latest work from summer 2018!    

Three Channel Video: (Re)Housing the American Dream: A Message from the Future, 2017

(Re)Housing the American Dream: A Message from the Future Three-channel video, 2017 Duration 13:42 min How to imagine a future America when you are thirteen in what feels like a rather uncertain time? How are our desires and fears marked by the reality of today? How to give shape to these future imaginations through performative actions? Referencing Lygia Pape’s performance ‘Divisor’ and Simone Forti’s ‘Huddle’ the students create a sensorial cartography of the future, of the individual and the collective. They wrote a manifesto, embody the future creative work force, planted flags devised from silver emergency blankets in the neighborhood, took over the streets moving as one collective body and created a large-scale ‘monument of the future’ in public space in response to the Charlotteville protests. Collectively they imagined how we could move forward as a nation comprised of a multitude of histories and identities, like the group itself.   Director / Editor: Kirsten Leenaars Assistant Director: Zachary Hutchinson Camera: Ellie Hall and Paul deuth Sound: Brent Walquist Composer: Paul Deuth Performers: Alanis Aranda-Salgado, Iman …

Video Interviews: The Shape of Things (Come Tomorrow), 2017

The Shape of Things (Come Tomorrow) Video, 2017 Duration 15:58 min Video interviews, part of (Re)Housing the American Dream:A Message from the Future The participants talk about their future selves, a future America and the future of the world – while reflecting back on our times today. What does it mean to be a human being? What does it mean to be of my culture? What does it mean to live in the place I do? What does it mean to have a voice? What does it mean to be an American? Director: Kirsten Leenaars Camera: Paul Deuth Sound: Brent Walquist Editing: Ellie Hall

Three Channel Video: (Re)Housing the American Dream, 2016

(Re)housing the American Dream, 2016 13:24 min During a 13-day video shoot personal histories and experiences from the participating middle school students served as metaphors to explore the real and imagined reality of the American Dream. The video raises questions about the notions of home, belonging and happiness in context of the American Dream. Delving into the complex notions of place, person, community, family, country, origin, land, or a moment of time as a site of identification, with being a person. The video ponders the enduring question of what it means to be human and how this has become inextricably from the question who we are to each other? How is the American Dream both an individual and collective dream? These young residents of Milwaukee imagined and (re)envisioned the American Dream and what is most required to allow this dream unfold. Director: Kirsten Leenaars Assistant Director: Lindsey Barlag Thornton Camera: Ellie Hall and Nick Drew Sound: Mathew Jinks and Paul Deuth Composer: Paul Deuth Editor: Kirsten Leenaars Participants: Alanis Aranda-Salgado, Iman Fatmi, Hannah Plevin, Grace …

We The People – video interviews, 2016

We The People, 2016 16:59 min Part of the (Re)Housing the American Dream project. Interviews with all the participating middle school students about home, belonging, segregation, the American Dream, Donald Trump and immigration. Camera: Nick Drew Editor: Ellie Hall Images of the installation and show (Re)Housing the American Dream at the Haggerty Museum of Art: Exhibition info:

New and Definitively Improved – dream house videos, 2016

New and Definitively Improved, 2016 14:14 min Part of the (Re)Housing the American Dream project. Participating middle school students present their dream homes to you in improvised ‘tell sell’ commercial style. Editing: Ellie Hall Camera: Ellie Hall and Nick Drew Images of the installation and show (Re)Housing the American Dream at the Haggerty Museum of Art: Exhibition info:

Overview Exhibition (Re)Housing the American Dream at the Haggerty Museum of Art, 2016

(Re)Housing the American Dream was exhibited Fall 2016 as a three-channel video installation at the Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University, Milwaukee from August 18 – December 23, 2016. The exhibition installation included multiple video works derived from the project, and documentation from Kirsten Leenaars’ collaborative process. Overview of the exhibition (Re)Housing the American Dream, curated by Emilia Layden. Photo credit: Clare Britt