The Happiness Project Part 2: Visiting Artist at Senn High School

Visiting Artist Senn High School

As part of the Under Construction /Happiness Project I started to work with students from Senn High School. The high school – a magnet school – was only two blocks away from my project site and hence I thought it would be great to talk with some of the students about what happiness, community, responsibility meant to them. These initial conversations led to becoming the first visiting artist for their recently developed Senn Visual Art Program. I worked with the first group of students who got into this program, 25 eager thirteen year olds. With the generous support of Jesse Wysse, their art teacher, and under my supervision the students developed scripts, props, shot and edited their own videos on happiness, based on the prompts that I had given them. Over a period of six weeks they imagined their own communities with their own set of problems, developed objects and instruments that could transform these problems into something positive, produced props, wrote scenarios around the use of these transformative objects, filmed and edited their own – for many their first time -videos.


The pleasure of making:

Student Videos:


The Magic Forest

Lost Soles

The Okedoke Machine


The Happiness Project Part 1: Under Construction