The Shadows Lay Where They Belong

The shadows lay where they belong -Darkness are you lonely?, 2011, 2 channel video installation

This work is based on my letter exchange with Paul Halupka during the Spring of 2011. Actual letters, send by mail, about belonging, childhood memories, growing up, fears and anticipation. We didn’t meet until the day of the actual video shoot. At the same time strangers while very familiar with the intimate accounts we had shared from our past and current lives. There was an instant sense of trust. The video is the result of this unexpected exchange.

About Paul Halupka:

In today’s content-starved society of the ’24 hour news cycle,” it is not unusual to see reality shows and headlines hyper-focused on “unexceptional” people—but what about an art exhibition? Re-creating this model within the context of the art world, This is Paul Halupka is an exhibition of artworks about one person—a young man named Paul Halupka, a near stranger from the curator’s past. Though not legitimized by media or celebrity culture, Paul’s identity has been ushered into a spotlight and granted symbolic value in the form of an art exhibition.

Jessica Cochran,the curator, asked 13 emerging and mid-career artists to get to know Paul Halupka in order to create a portrait. Embracing a less directly representational type of portraiture, artists’ projects reflect poetic and discursive approaches to the depiction of Paul’s identity through painting, sculpture, video, photography and mixed media installation.

Exhibiting Artists

Alberto Aguilar, Pamela Bannos, Viv Corringham, Adam Farcus, Regan Golden, Bill Guy, Kirsten Leenaars, Daniel Mellis, Ryan B. Richey, Michael X. Ryan, Fred Sasaki, Allison Yasukawa, Mary Lou Zelazny. At Gallery C33, Chicago