Three Channel Video: (Re)Housing the American Dream: A Message from the Future

(Re)Housing the American Dream: A Message from the Future
Three-channel video, 2017
Duration 13:42 min

How to imagine a future America when you are thirteen in what feels like a rather uncertain time? How are our desires and fears marked by the reality of today? How to give shape to these future imaginations through performative actions? Referencing Lygia Pape’s performance ‘Divisor’ and Simone Forti’s ‘Huddle’ the students create a sensorial cartography of the future, of the individual and the collective. They wrote a manifesto, embody the future creative work force, planted flags devised from silver emergency blankets in the neighborhood, took over the streets moving as one collective body and created a large-scale ‘monument of the future’ in public space in response to the Charlotteville protests. Collectively they imagined how we could move forward as a nation comprised of a multitude of histories and identities, like the group itself.


Director / Editor: Kirsten Leenaars
Assistant Director: Zachary Hutchinson
Camera: Ellie Hall and Paul deuth
Sound: Brent Walquist
Composer: Paul Deuth

Performers: Alanis Aranda-Salgado, Iman Fatmi, Hannah Plevin, Grace Elaine Ohlendorf,
Elsa Grace Berner, Javon Amin Barker, Coen T. Kriofske Mainella, Vittoria Lucchesi, Ju Hta Paw, Paw Htoo Boe, Paw Boe Say, Rahma Mohamed, Amina Mohammed, Nur Begum, Yusof Begum, Isa Begum, Rokimah Begum, Malachi Moore, Matthew Moore, Kaylin Dillard, Hamilton Reinbold, Jordan Muhammed, Wayan Muhammed, Awais Ali, Nurtho Ali